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Tenacious, innovative string musicians/dancers with a pulsing neo-trad heart, the Evie Ladin Band – Evie Ladin, Keith Terry and Erik Pearson – throws down soulful folk songs with a four-dimensional live show. Grounded in Appalachian old-time repertoire, seasoned in African-diaspora roots, writing from life in modern cities, blurring the lines between music and dance, “I had no idea!” is how audiences describe the ELB’s captivating concerts.

The 2012 eponymous release Evie Ladin Band won Americana Album of the Year from the Independent Music Awards Vox Pop Vote and their 2016 release JUMP THE FIRE reveals the tight trio the band has become – after many miles, and a host of new songs, a truly original sound in new old-time Americana – taking home the silver from 2017 Clifftop’s illustrious Neo-Trad Stringband contest.

IMG_3173You don’t often hear words like “traditional,” and “authentic” paired with “innovative” and “unique,” but Evie Ladin has brought them together brilliantly in the self-titled, debut album, and the result is truly a high point in new old-time music. – FOLKWORKS, Los Angeles

The best example I have seen of a Neo-Trad band’s sound being authentically anchored in old time music but extending it into new and entertaining directions. – Founder, Clifftop Neo-Trad Band Contest

The polyrhythmic heat of Evie’s clawhammer banjo, resonant voice, real stories and rhythmic dance have been heard from A Prairie Home Companion to Celtic Connections, Lincoln Center to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Known as a driving force behind San Francisco’s Stairwell Sisters, Evie is fluid in traditional Appalachian arts, even as she brings an urban edge and contemporary vision to her own stories, deep interpretations of old songs, contemporary percussive dance. Folk music in her family life, early urban hip hop in her teen life, diving deep into the African side of old-time country music and dance…Music, dance and song became inseparable.

Ladin’s voice is sultry, wistful and defiant all at once. She possesses a keen songwriting sense and a stable of strong musicians to back her up. –POP MATTERS

Keith Terry (bass, Body Music, vocals) is a renowned percussionist/rhythm dancer, and the founder of the International Body Music Festival. A pioneer in contemporary Body Music, Keith produces large-scale intercultural collaborations and education. Keith brings a cinematic ear to playing bass as tonal percussion, with bells, box, body and toys.

Erik Pearson (guitar, banjo, vocals) is a musician’s musician with the Crooked Jades, storyteller Diane Ferlatte, and his solo projects. His original banjo tune “Fork & File” was the soundtrack for a rapids rafting scene in Sean Penn’s movie Into the Wild.


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Evie Ladin Band w/ Keith Terry & Erik Pearson Evie Ladin Band w/ Keith Terry & Erik Pearson
Evie Ladin Band w/ Keith Terry & Erik Pearson Evie Ladin Band w/ Keith Terry & Erik Pearson

Photos: Gudmundor Vigfusson, styled by Namita Kapoor



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Appalachian string band music pared to the absolute minimum of accompaniment, but packed with an orchestra’s worth of rhythm.

JTF came in as 25th Folk Album of the Year, with Evie Ladin the 49th Artist of the Year, right behind Bill Monroe and Greg Brown. Most played songs: Ease On Down, Honey Lou, Jump Up & Go. Great company, lots of radio play, including KBCS (Seattle, WA) and WPRB (Princeton, NJ) top 10 of 2016.

The title track leads off the new album with a shot of energy and sunshine…creating a relationship story line from first touches to last regrets, the record is as much a folk operetta as it is a story told in banjo and lyrics. But it’s the energy of the playing that keeps the listener engaged.
–Feature in San Francisco Chronicle

The overall impression from the thirteen tracks on Jump the Fire is what one might call “fun for grown-ups.”  Evie Ladin’s songs possess a certain intelligence and maturity-of-theme, even as they are musically-executed in a manner that evokes the spontaneity and playfulness of youth.  That these two attributes can exist simultaneously is a musical lesson which Evie Ladin and her band are very successful at teaching.

ELB WON the Fan Vote for AMERICANA ALBUM OF THE YEAR by the Independent Music Awards!

This compelling record and her amazing band lineup should finally earn Evie Ladin the reputation she deserves in the folk music world…she has outdone herself this time.FIDDLEFREAK

Her rich and smoky voice resembles Natalie Merchant’s, and her songs are as fetching as Nancy Griffith’s…they’re all catchy, with mature lyrics and skilled phrasing.

Deliciously quirky…imagine a mash-up of Michelle Shocked and Emmy Lou Harris!NEW TIMES

You can feel the joy that rises up from the playing of the Evie Ladin Band. The musical structure is old time but the music is as fresh as laundry on the line.

Album opener “Got You on My Mind” smolders with gnarly intensity and is an album highlight. It’s also the perfect introduction to Ladin’s voice: sultry, wistful and defiant all at once. Ladin possesses a keen songwriting sense and a stable of strong musicians to back her up.POP MATTERS

Compelling vocals…an impressive effortCOUNTRY STANDARD TIME



Past venues include:

A Prairie Home Companion - Live from San Francisco Opera House
Lincoln Center - New York, NY
Celtic Connections - Glasgow, Scotland
Woodford Folk Festival - Australia
Bali Arts Festival - Indonesia
Nardis Jazz Club - Istanbul, Turkey
Green Note - London, England
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass - SF, CA
Rockygrass - Lyons, CO
Wintergrass - Seattle, WA
Swallow Hill - Denver, CO
Freight & Salvage - Berkeley, CA
Old Town School - Chicago, IL
Iron Horse - Northampton, MA
Wheatland Music Festival - Remus, MI
Hiawatha Music Festival - Marquette, MI
Appalachian Stringband Festival - Clifftop, WV
The Flynn Theater - Burlington, VT
Champlaign Valley Fest - Burlington, VT
Arlene Schnitzer Theater - Portland, OR
Portland Old-Time Music Gathering, OR
Strawberry Music Festival - Sonora, CA
Live Oak Festival - Santa Barbara, CA
The Skirball Center - Los Angeles, CA
The Getty Center - Los Angeles, CA
Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest - LA, CA
Yerba Buena Gardens - San Francisco, CA
for the Governor of Enugu State, Nigeria
...and many more...