(An) arrestingly fun show...every song, dance solo, and mid-number banjo breakdown was followed by vigorous clapping and hollers. -- SMILE POLITELY

You don't often hear words like "traditional," and "authentic" paired with "innovative" and "unique," but Evie Ladin has brought them together brilliantly in the self-titled, debut album of the Evie Ladin Band, and the result is truly a high point in new old-time music.
--Folkworks » MORE REVIEWS «

Evie uses GHS Strings Evie also tours with -
Keith Terry/Crosspulse
world music/dance group
original body music ensemble
Evie Ladin Band It's been a long time coming, but I am taking some time off. Hardly off, really, just off the merry-go-round of gigging and teaching and working in the biz. Clear the space between my ears, woodshed, write, work the other side of the grey matter. I am fortunate that I could work hard enough to then take the time. Get back to the real nitty gritty. Evil Diane 3.0. MoToR/dance. Crosspulse Percussion. Evie Ladin & Keith Terry. Expect some new ideas, images, words and rhythms. No less. Happy 2014 y'all.



ELB WON the Fan Vote for AMERICANA ALBUM OF THE YEAR by the Independent Music Awards!

Ladin's voice is a revelation. Clear, strong, delicate and emotive all at the same time...her exemplary examples of adult love songs deal with complicated subject matter, yet never lose their swing or get bogged down by maudlin sentimentality. In fact, the music is gorgeous.
--No Depression

This compelling record and her amazing band lineup should finally earn Evie Ladin the reputation she deserves in the folk music world...she has outdone herself this time. --Fiddlefreak

Deliciously quirky...imagine a mash-up of Michelle Shocked and Emmy Lou Harris! --New Times

Her rich and smoky voice resembles Natalie Merchant's, and her songs are as fetching as Nancy Griffith's...they're all catchy, with mature lyrics and skilled phrasing.
--Old-Time Herald
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